Evaluation for the 12 Days of Christmas Online Retreat

We are glad you have been with us at our latest Cloister Seminars retreat. Here is your chance to give us some feedback about your experience and to help us shape the program for the future. 

This evaluation also offers you the opportunity to look back on your own experience. It does not need private information, just an overview or hint of what changes, inputs, insights you gained during your participation. We will keep all your information absolutely private, unless you have given us permission to share. Your submitted form cannot be seen by anyone else.  You do not need to tell us your name or contact information, but doing so would help us to ask you a followup question based on your comments.

Feel free to answer as briefly or lengthily as you wish or to skip a question.

Thank you so much! Almut & Chuck

What do you think about the overall structure of the seminar / retreat? E.g. Was one post a day a reasonable pace for you? Would it work for others you know?
What was your experience with the blog posts? Did they help you to contemplate on the meaning of Christmas or on other important themes? Were they the right length for you? The right tone?
Do you think about walking the 12 Days of Christmas differently now than you did before? If so, how?
Did the pictures / photos / design add to your experience of the retreat?
Was there a particular post or practice that you found most helpful?
DId you read the posts in the email, or did you go to the site to read them? Was the additional letter text in the email helpful?
Which topics for future online retreats would you like to see come up? Which themes of the last retreat would you like to deepen in another retreat / blog post?
If you like you can share some of your personal experiences during the retreat (e.g. how the practices influenced your own journey).
e.g. if you are a regular blog post reader, what topics would you like to come back for?
Would you be willing to share 2-3 sentences of your experience with cloisterseminars with the public which we could post as a testimony on our website? Please sign it as you would wish it to be signed (with or without your nickname / initials / real name). Thank you so much.