Walking with the Desert Elders



Lenten Reflections 2018


The deep origins of Christianity are in the desert. It was an urban and pastoral culture on the edge of the desert into which Jesus was born. When he was baptized, Jesus was driven to walk into the desert for 40 days of fasting and reflection.  The origins of monasticism came from Christians walking into the desert, away from the distractions and comfort of urban society.  This Lent, we will be reflecting on the spiritual journeys and wisdom of those desert Elders.  What knowledge can these gentle and severe extremists bring us for our own life journeys?

Beginning on Monday March 6, and ending on the Monday after Easter, with two posts a week (Monday and Saturday morning), we will look together at Lent and learn from the Desert Elders what Lent is for, and how we might best practice it.  You can also enroll below to so you can be sure of getting each post directly in your inbox.

I invite you to come and reflect with me on what we might find.