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Thin places in time

How looking beyond the present makes a walk more meaningful

One can stand in a place and feel the presence of other times, of momentous and of ordinary events.  Every place one stands is old beyond reckoning.  But some seem more likely to call you into the past – or perhaps the past lingers here like a ghost or a kind spirit...

Many years ago, I volunteered to be the caretaker at a small cemetery near a church in the country.  It was done in part in pity because I saw how run down the place was. It had suffered the same fate as many cemeteries in the USA whose communities had fallen on hard times – the only flowers were wild, thorns were as numerous as the ivy, and many of the stones were leaning or falling. It was situated on a hill, around a corner, and had a lovely view of the valley.  It sported a forlorn and wild beauty.