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On Virtues and the Good Life

A Fall Retreat with Saint Hildegard and Saint Benedict

Hildegard was a remarkable woman of her time: a monastic leader, inspiring theologian, philosopher, composer, and naturopath. We will read, discuss and ponder Benedict’s and Hildegard's insights on life’s virtues and the early Opera she wrote to illustrate them. What can a mystic voice from the 12th century say to us about the role of virtues in our life today?

In this in-depth retreat in the Hildegard series we will focus on Hildegard's understanding of virtues, their part in the journey of the soul, and bring that into dialogue with Benedict's understanding of humility. Participants will be guided into studying, exploring and experiencing how the old struggle of the soul between vices and virtues resonates with our post modern life and life stories, and what it can provide to us for our own soul nourishment. While doing so we will take part in the rhythm of the monastery, sharing meals, learning, laughing, resting and walking.

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Chuck Huff, professor of social psychology, Benedictine oblate, and an expert in how people tell the stories of their lives will introduce you to Benedictine spirituality and how to participate in it. Together with his wife Almut Furchert, a German philosopher and existential practitioner, we will ponder the wisdom of Benedict of Nursia and Hildegard of Bingen and how it translates into our life and work today. Chuck will introduce you to Benedictine spirituality and how to participate in the regular prayer practice of the monastery. Almut will journey with you into the life and work of Hildegard of Bingen and her understanding of the good life.

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