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Hildegard of Bingen on Health and Healing

  • with Almut Furchert & Chuck Huff St. Johns Abbey Guesthouse Collegeville, MN USA (map)

Hildegard of Bingen was not only a remarkable woman of her time but also a monastic leader, an inspiring theologian, philosopher, composer, and naturopath. In this seminar we will both learn the many facets of Hildegard as well as explore and experience her monastic spirituality and what it can provide to us for our own soul nourishment .While doing so we will take part in the rhythm of the cloister, sharing meals,learning, laughing, resting and walking.

The retreat takes place at the beautiful, modern and calming guesthouse at St. John's Abbey, overlooking the picturesque lake and forest. A place where body and soul rejuvenate.

Program Preview

We begin this journey into monastic traditions by exploring some of Hildegard’s world, her spirituality and her philosophy. This will help us understand her view on humanity, the world, and God and how it speaks to our current longing for healing and wholeness. Second we take a closer look at Hildegard’s concept of health, her monastic healing practices and how they integrate naturopathic, ecological, psychological and spiritual aspects. 

The seminar starts with lunch on Saturday and ends with late afternoon coffee on Sunday. It will be accompanied by regular times for resting, walking, talking, contemplating and guided reflection.